Great experience

Sanjay sir has proven to be a wonderful, compassionate and skilled counsellor. His advices and way of communication is straightforward and has been really helpful. My family and I are highly grateful to Mr. Choubey for his guidance and unwavering support at all times.

Best regards,
Jasleen Tuteja


Mr Sanjay Choubey has been doing counselling through Colour Science since long succesfully. I myself have a very good experience with him. I came across many people to whome Mr Sanjay Choubey has helped with such a nice way of counselling. Many students who were highly confused about which stream to select to build life carrier have benefitted with this prestigeous therapy.
I personally advice parents to meet Mr Sanjay Choubey once to guide their children’s education. Even if there is a personal problem, one can approach him for a solution.
Ajay Kumar Jain,
Swaraj Finpro Private Limited,

I always get shorten of words when it comes to describe what shri sanjay choubey ji means to me and my family .I havent seen such a gem of a person not only in professional and counselling manner but also in as person ..really have no words .JSR 🙏🙏

–Anshu Pawa

Great experience

Sanjay Sir is a divine personality, you have been given divine powers by God, whose oj is visible on your face. You are using your powers to solve the problems of the people. This is a great service. You keep doing good to such people. May god bless you with good health and longevity

~ Ashish Pandey


Mr Sanjay Choubey is known to me since 2007 as a Motivational speaker and a councillor. He is one of the best councillor I have met so far.Many students have benefited under his guidance..

~ Veena Shrivastava


Analysis and prediction through the colour science given by Respected Shri Choubey ji is a last and final.
Need not to enquire from other sources. It is our many times experience,since we came in his contact we don’t go anywhere else.
I would say trust…🙏

Great experience

I was very fortunate to explore & experience new dimensions of Color Science under the able guidance / councelling of Mr. Sanjay sir. The experience was so wonderful that it has created a postive impact and is continue to propel me.

Mr. Sanjay is seasoned and a very kind person who believe in helping others and creating positive impact.

With kind regards,
Mayank Bharadwaj


He is highly professional and accurate wid his reading….i have personally experienced….all his readings were perfect and he guided for it as well….always available…..genuine and true person

-Darshita Solanki

No one can give better guidance than this. The future, present and past of any person can be described by just 5 colors, that too of the whole family, the guidance you give. Also solves the problems. No one in the whole world can do something like India. I salute you and your strength and power.

–Manoj Tiwari