Indian Ethos is a holistic approach indicating unity between the Divine individual self and the , Universe (Divine means perfection of knowledge , wisdom and power).

Indian Ethos in management is some kind of concept related to behavioural science and culture specific which derives its solution from the rich and huge system of ethics. (Moral philosophy) . It does draw its lesson from the religions of the land- Be it Hinduism , Buddhism or any other .

Principle of Indian Ethos for Management

It is immense potential , energy and talent for perfection as human being , has the spirit within his heart .

One must develop one’s power of wisdom , vision

Internal resources are much more powerful than external resources as divine virtues are internal resources whereas planned machinery , money , people are the external resources.

It explains difference between Sakam Karm Yog  and Nishkam Karm Yog.

It is the “moral ideas and attitudes ” that belongs to a particular group or society . Strength and inspiration for excelling in work comes from the divine unselfish work .

It express an opportunity for doing good to the world and thus gaining materially or spiritually in our lives . He who works with calm and even mind achieves the most.

Infinite happiness and peace come to them who view the Divine in all being .


Causes of Stress

Internal and External Factors

Strong negative emotions

Materialistic world view

Living an impure illegal and unethical life

Personality Compositions

Interplay of duality

Consequences of Stress





Indian Views on STRESS

Adhibhautika – Due to beings i.e. wild animal , reptiles and cruel animal

Adhidaivika    – Due to “Acts of God” i.e. natural calamities which are

ordinarily beyond human control

Adhyatwika     – Related to physical and mental illness

Role of Ethos in Managing Stress

Developing a spirit of progressive renunciation

The Ethico-Moral law of cause and effect

Developing a healthy and positive personality

Developing a positive thought process.