ENTREPRENEURSHIP is a mindset and practise of looking and acting upon opportunities for economic and/or social benefits through innovation and risk taking. Entrepreneurship is any person that continuously seeks and act upon opportunities for economic/social gains through applying the principle of “Creative Problem Solving”.

It has Three Fold Functions –

  1. Exercising the responsible control
  2. Securing the owners of productive services against uncertainty and fluctuations in the incomes.
  3. Profit compensates entrepreneur for bearing uncertainty.

Scenario in 1934 – Implements change within markets through the carrying out of new combinations .

In 1942 the entrepreneurial function “does not essentially consist in either inventing anything or otherwise creating the conditions which the enterprise exploits.” It consists in getting things DONE.

In the present scenario approx 30 – 40 % youth has been entering in this field in form of different entrepreneurship . For ex : Start Ups , Manufacturing , Trading and Service providing segments. There are different Government/Non-Government organizations who support system to become an entrepreneur.

Objective of becoming entrepreneur is to 

  • Do what you love
  • Explore your mindset
  • Make best use of of virtual resources

Different Segments of Business

Manufacturing Unit

We provide help / guidance to install all kind of Manufacturing Unit with the help of Govt/Non Govt agencies to get all sort of support system.


We provide help to identify and establishing right appropriate business in Trading segment with training/ guidance of promoting your business

Service Providing Sector

We help to establish your business according to your expertise along with training and guidance in this segment .

What we can do for you

What can we do for you

How to choose Business

Through Psychometric Analysis , we help you to identify and select right appropriate segment and business for you .

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We provide complete package of training to become and establish you as an Entrepreneur.

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Link with Agencies

We are making a bridge between You and different Govt/Non Got agencies in terms of getting support system and banking/financial matter.

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We deal with

Small Scale Industry
Medium Scale Industry
Large Scale Industry