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Company overview

We are having 27 years of experience to bring all compass of Counselling/Training with unique and different methods to meet all International standards based on COLOUR SCIENCE  and  MQ/ SQ/BQ Questionnaire’s tests  to know about your Personality Traits, Temperament Traits ,Psychological Traits , Characteristics. Through this we provide focused appropriate guidance/ Direction and solutions in all area of one’s life.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our clients.

Thousands of people { Students, Working Proffesionals, Businessman, House wife’s, Professors, Scientists,….etc at all age and different sector.} across the country as well as in abroad are getting benefited to live successful, Satisfied and better quality of life with more than 90 % repeat rate and  0 %  negative feed back.

S-FACTOR continues to grow ever day. Thanks to the Confidence and Trust our clients have in us.

Provides a holistic approach to counselling, catering to all strata of society/industry”


Our renowned Counseling programs will make you understand:

*Who you are          *Knows the way

*How you are           *Goes the way

*The way you are    *Shows the way

How we work

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Contact S-Factor all Counselling and Training purpose to get appropriate Solutions/Guidance of the problems related to your Persona, Social,  Professional Life , Business , Education , Career etc . . .

In 2013, during a training program in kendriya vidyalaya at Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) I got his introduction. A master who practices COLOUR Science with a profound approach not only on colour science but also on various fields and dimensions of human life. I also , like others , used to go from one door to another in search/quest of solutions of problems but everywhere it proved into sheer wastage of time and ultimately disappointment though it ended with his words which were full of positive energy and facts as a result of which we could be able to
choose the correct ways and options.Now I and my family have great faith and respect in his pieces of advice and counseling.
For all this I express my gratitude and deep sense of respect towards his positivity and caring !

A K Bajpai
TGT maths, KV Jabalpur

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